Stichting Peter van Vliet Foundation

In 2007 we celebrated the five year anniversary of our office. On this occasion, we founded the Peter van Vliet* Foundation.

With this foundation, we support a number of projects in and around The Hague, the Netherlands and elsewhere abroad. These are projects that contribute to sustainable human development through education and knowledge.

Pereira’s employees are closely involved with the foundation. The board consists of people from our office – Linde van der Wal, Freek Noordman, Maurice Bakker, Anoek Braun and Tswi Rodrigues Pereira. Roos van Vliet, the widow of Peter van Vliet, is also a member of the board.

If you want to learn more about the foundation, call or email Linde van der Wal:
070- 75 70 130 /

*Shortly after the opening of our office Peter van Vliet, one of the co-founders, passed away. Unfortunately he did not live to see the development of the company.