Onur Eroglu

Onur Eroglu is a junior advisor at Pereira. He advises clients on the tax positions they said they take. He is an all-round advisor and works with the partners and advisors during day-to-day advisory work.


“I find it attractive to do challenging work where you have to be creative and the answer cannot be found with a simple search result. For me, the challenge lies mainly in the special positions our clients are often in. They run into problems that you would not initially expect to exist. I get satisfaction from my work if I can solve these problems for clients’.

Working at Pereira since: March 2023

Study background: Onur started at the mbo, after this he obtained his foundation degree at the hbo in the first year.  He then completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in tax law at Tilburg University.

Previous positions: Onur did internships at several law firms in Amsterdam (Van Doorne and Nautadutilh). Here he gained experience in the tax departments and in the tax M&A practice.

E-mail: onur.eroglu@pereiraconsultants.com

Telephone: 070 75 70 100