Work environment


Pereira’s culture is best described as informal and personal. We work closely together to achieve the best possible result. The organisation is flexible and driven by our clients’ needs. The different client teams work as an integrated unit. Consultants work on multiple assignments whereby they exchange knowledge and learn from each other. This ensures that clients always receive the best possible advice. The consultants establish long-term relationships with both their colleagues and the clients.

Sharing knowledge and creativity

The Pereira Way involves a different way of thinking and a positive outlook. We seek the best possible solutions for our clients and work hard to achieve this; but always within the bounds of tax laws and regulations. It’s about seeing opportunities instead of limitations and pragmatic solutions instead of complex problems. Pereira Consultants are creative. They keep things personal and authentic and have the ability to devise simple solutions to complex matters.

Education and training

Pereira organises weekly technical meetings. Employees get together to discuss their work and brainstorm, but also for feedback. There is also plenty of room for original ideas. This keeps the entire organisation on its toes. Employees also receive on-the-job training through mentoring and coaching. Pereira believes that in addition to having solid tax expertise and a good IQ, it’s also important to possess a good EQ (emotional intelligence). This is stimulated via a training programme that was specifically designed for Pereira.

Exclusive customer base in a niche market

We work for top (family) businesses and their shareholders, both nationally and internationally. This includes the following sectors: fashion, cosmetics, raw materials, oil and gas, transport, telecommunications, property and the travel sector.